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What to do if your neighbour’s tree overhangs your property

Trees are a common cause of disagreement between neighbours, according to the Queensland Government’s disputes website.

Disputes can be caused when branches are overhanging a fence, dropping fruit into a property, the roots cause damage or when branches block sunlight from solar panels or TV reception.

To help solve an ugly and unnecessary neighbourly dispute, the QLD […]

Using a Professional Arborist to tidy up after the rainy season

Believe it or not, trees are much more vulnerable than they look. A tree might seem like it would be able to sustain the forces of a the rainy season, particularly a large storm, but sometimes internal damage is just too difficult to see. Ultimately, you want to be prepared before, during and after the […]

Keep Your Trees Clear of Power Lines This Storm Season

It’s December, which means we have well and truly reached storm season in Queensland.

As history tells us, it’s best to be prepared this time of year rather than wait until the last minute, and that includes inspecting your property where power lines are concerned.

Last year thousands of homes across the State were left […]

Are Your Trees Ready For Storm Season?

Prune your trees - Sunshine Coast & BrisbaneTrees are one of the first garden features to be affected in a major storm event, and after the storm has passed it’s an arborist’s job to safely clean up the mess. They clear away any branches or limbs that […]