Bamboo in the garden and how to get rid of it

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Bamboo in the garden and how to get rid of it

Bamboo is just about the most hazardous plant in the garden, especially when there are strong winds and storms on the horizon.

Eliminating bamboo is one of the toughest things you can do in the garden, but it can be done. With perseverance you can control bamboo spread and even kill bamboo plants, but if you don’t do it right then this plant can continue to spread and even take over your whole garden.

Eliminating bamboo plants starts with a shovel. The creeping rhizomes and roots of bamboo are virtually immune to the herbicides people normally use on unwanted plants. To start to get rid of bamboo, you must physically dig up the offending clump, and make sure you remove as much of the roots as possible.

This can be done domestically, but if the bamboo is higher than three metres then we recommend you call Independent Tree Services, as these bamboo stems are heavy and can cause a lot of damage if they fall in the wrong direction.

From here you have two options in how to eliminate bamboo. You can either diligently kill bamboo plants as the plants reemerge or you can get rid of the bamboo by mowing it down frequently.

If you opt to get rid of bamboo with chemical controls, as soon as you see new bamboo shoots emerge, spray them with the strongest herbicide you can buy. Eliminating bamboo plants with this method requires that you be very diligent. If you allow a bamboo shoot to grow for too long without treating it, you will have to start over in your control bamboo spread. If you would like an organic method of eliminating bamboo plants and shoots as they emerge, you can also use boiling water on the shoots. As with the chemical method, you must treat any bamboo shoots as soon as they appear.

If you decide to get rid of bamboo with the mowing method, mow over the area where the bamboo was as frequently as you do your lawn. Use the lowest deck setting on your mower.

Regardless of the method you use to kill bamboo plants, expect that it will take you two to three years of treating the infested area before you will completely control bamboo spread.

Bamboo removal Tree ServicesSome important factors to note concerning bamboo are:

• Bamboo spreads. If you remove all the bamboo from your property but there is still a portion of the plant growing next door it will spread back on to your property over time.
• It requires multiple applications of poison – regardless of the type of poison used bamboo is likely to need multiple applications a few weeks apart to kill it. If part of the plant is left, such as when part is growing in a neighbouring property, you may never be able to kill it completely.
• It grows back. Regardless of the method of removal there is always a chance of re-shooting. This is especially true if there is more bamboo growing nearby.
• The chips and stump grindings produced while processing bamboo are often stringy, fibrous and unattractive. If you are cutting your bamboo down yourself ensure that the stems are cut as close to the ground as possible prior to grinding.