Cleaning up your Palm Trees

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Cleaning up your Palm Trees

One of the main advantages of using palm trees in the landscape of your home or business is that they require very little maintenance. Most palm trees are able to resist the heat of our Queensland summers very well and survive with little water. They also require very little pruning, although some pruning is necessary.

A palm tree that has been pruned not only looks more attractive, it can also prevent a safety hazard. At Independent Tree Services, we are in experts in palm tree maintenance, offering both pruning services and palm cleaning services in south-east Queensland.

Cleaning up your Palm TreesPalm Cleaning

It is our recommendation that palms be cleaned when the seed pods are fully developed prior to opening to yellow flowers. This will not only reduce the mess and hazard on the ground from those berries, which are like marbles if you step on them.

Removing the pods can be tricky, however, so it’s best practice to seek out a professional arborist who has the right equipment to safely complete the job with little mess to your backyard.

Cleaning up your Palm Trees

Palm Tree Pruning

Pruning of palms can keep the trees looking tidy, but pruning too high up or too close on the trunk can cause damage, disease, water uptake problems, or trunk constriction, which is why it’s best to seek a professional arborist.

Palms that have been pruned too close often break in winds. Typically the leaf bases are allowed to stay until they are completely dry, thus easier to cut off. A general rule to live by is that green  leaves should not be removed, only the fonds that have turned brown.

Fond Removal

During summer, as new foliage is produced at the top of the crown, the lower and older leaves (fronds) gradually turn brown and die. If left alone, these eventually fall off.

If there are signs of dead and dying palm fronds, it’s a good time to seek a professional for some trimming.

As a rule, only remove the dead and dying fronds. Leave the healthy ones behind, because the tree needs those for survival. Also trim the fronds at the point where they meet the trunk, it will help  the palm thrive in the cooler months.

If you aren’t sure about the pruning process or you’re concerned that your palm is unhealthy, talk with a local tree care expert at Independent Tree Services.