How to Take Care of Your Chainsaw

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How to Take Care of Your Chainsaw

Here at Independent Tree Services, a chainsaw is our tool of choice. From cutting down trees near power lines to sawing through a broken branch, the uses of a chainsaw are many and vary from day to day.

For these reasons and more it’s important to take proper care of your chainsaw to not only ensure its longevity but for safety reasons as well.

That’s why we believe in preventive maintenance, which simply requires that a small investment of time and money be made to avoid a greater expense down the road

Ideally, you should service your chainsaw before it starts to act up, but you can also be wary to the warning signs that’ll let you know your machine’s ready for a going-over.

Cleaning a Dirty Chainsaw Air FilterDifficult starting is probably the most common problem; this could be caused from a dirty air filter or a clogged exhaust chamber.

If your machine is running perfectly but it’s chattering when you’re sawing into a log, you may need to inspect its teeth and get them sharpened before more damage is caused.

It’s also a good idea to follow the operator’s manual. Besides telling you how to prepare and use the tool safely, the manual should identify the basic owner-serviceable parts and give the critical specifications for each maintenance step.

If you think you have to be an expert to service your chainsaw, think again. You do not need any extensive skill before you can maintain service or repair your chainsaw. You can get some wonderful videos from the Internet that will show you the step-by-step guide on what exactly you need to do.

If you know you are not confident about your ability to repair or do your chainsaw maintenance by yourself, then you can always send it to your local chainsaw shop for repairs.


Here are our top tops for inspecting your chainsaw:

  • Check your air filter

A clean air filter is very important. If you are working in a dusty environment, you may want to check the air filter often or after every use.

  • Lubrication

If you want a smooth operation of you chainsaw, ensure enough lubrication. If your chainsaw stop working suddenly, then you need to check the lubrication is sufficient.

  • Sharpening

A sharp chain will always dig in and cut but if it is dull, you will need to do much pushing down on the chainsaw so that some cutting can occur. Make sure a professional who will help you restore it correctly to the right cutting angle sharpens your chainsaw blade.

  • Safety Gear

This is very crucial when carrying out chainsaw maintenance. Make sure to wear leather gloves and eye protection.

Our daily maintenance routine is made up of checking oil and petrol top up.