Pruning Your Trees Ready For The Queensland Summer

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Pruning Your Trees Ready For The Queensland Summer

Prune your trees - Sunshine Coast & BrisbaneThere are many reasons to prune a tree — the most important being safety, which becomes especially important in Queensland as the hot weather starts to settle in.

We are already receiving calls for arborist help in Brisbane for low hanging trees over power lines, which could become a hazard during the approaching storm season.

Tree lopping on the Sunshine Coast is also popular during this time of year, as people clear away debris and prepare their backyards ready for summer.

Branches that overhang the house or brush against it must be removed, as these can fill your gutters with clutter and increase the amount of time you have to spend clearing them out. This is especially dangerous in summer when there is a higher likelihood of a fire in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.

Branches that block visibility near streets and intersections should also be trimmed away using a professional arborist service, such as Independent Tree Services. These hanging branches can cause chaos for drivers, can rub against power lines and can become dangerous for residents if the lighter limbs fall to the ground.

If you are wishing to maintain your trees, the best way to do so is to hire a professional arborist, who can teach you the right pruning techniques, which help the tree develop strong roots so it can weather the storms of summer.

The best time to prune trees mostly depends on your purpose for pruning. The removal of weak or dead branches can be done anytime, and should be especially thought about during the summer months when dead branches can become a fire hazard.

Most people prune their trees during winter, but early spring is also a good time to hire an arborist, especially if you live in Brisbane, Logan or the Sunshine Coast and it’s already starting to heat up.

The most important thing to look for is low hanging or dead limbs that can fall under the weight of severe storms. Low-hanging limbs can also provide easy access to roof for possums, snakes and other pests escaping the Queensland heat.

If you have old trees or low-hanging limbs, don’t wait until the bad weather hits, call Independent Tree Services and we can get your yard sorted for summer.

Taking care of the issues immediately can also save you from further costs down the track if a storm or fire does arise, you can be assured knowing your home and property has been cleared and is as safe as possible.

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