Using a Professional Arborist for the safety of your business

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Using a Professional Arborist for the safety of your business

Independent Tree Services - Professional ArboristsIn Queensland, many businesses, schools and community groups are surrounded by a natural habitat, including large trees.

For the most part these trees will continue to thrive in their surrounding environment with little need for attention, as long as they are not tampered with.

However, it is safe to say that trees, especially large ones that surround buildings, will always be considered a hazard and should be monitored on a regular basis to ensure their health is in check.

There are many insect, disease, and abiotic problems that can threaten your landscape trees, especially in an urban environment.

At Independent Tree Services, we are trained to provide proper care, help maintain healthy trees and provide management when necessary.

Our expertise includes pruning, tree removal, and pest management, as well as proper diagnosis of problems and pesticide application.

Why Use A Professional?

There can be various reasons why your business may need to employ Independent Tree Services, from having your trees professionally pruned, treated for pests and disease, to having them completely removed.

Tree removal and pruning can be very dangerous, so it is important that you employ our team, who are qualified and experienced. We will ensure the tree is removed safely, without affecting the surrounding environment.

If a person who is not a qualified arborist removes trees incorrectly, many factors could go wrong, including contact with power lines, structural interference and loss of life.

What About Pruning?

Pruning of small shrubs, hedges and plants are suitable for avid gardeners to complete, although pruning of large tress should be left to a professional.

Incorrect pruning can cause irreparable damage leaving the tree structurally unsound and open to pests and disease, and can even kill your tree.

Lopping or indiscriminately removing limbs is very detrimental to a trees health and could leave them unstable. Although trees have such slow reaction times, the damage may not show for a few years down the track, which can mean business owners are left vulnerable to the unknown.

To make sure your tree is correctly pruned for the benefit of the tree, only use the services of qualified arborists at Independent Tree Services.