Using a Professional Arborist to tidy up after the rainy season

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Using a Professional Arborist to tidy up after the rainy season

Believe it or not, trees are much more vulnerable than they look. A tree might seem like it would be able to sustain the forces of a the rainy season, particularly a large storm, but sometimes internal damage is just too difficult to see. Ultimately, you want to be prepared before, during and after the rainy season.


Before the rainy season:

Assess your trees & garden after stormsDevelop a relationship with a certified arborist or tree care professional from Independent Tree Services. We can conduct an assessment of your property and identify any trouble spots before a storm hits.

Some potential hazards we look for are:

  • Cracks in tree trunks or major limbs;
  • Hollow, aged and decayed trees;
  • One-sided or significantly leaning trees;
  • Branches leaning over the roof;
  • Anything in close proximity to utility lines;
  • Fungus or mushrooms;
  • Trees with dangerous leans.

After assessing possible hazards to your property, a team member from Independent Tree Services can inform you of the measures needed to be taken to protect your property if a storm was to hit.

These things could include:

  • Remove dead, diseased or damaged limbs;
  • Consider removing trees with large cavities;
  • Prune branches too close to your house and over the street;
  • Check your gutters, and remove debris to prevent water damage.


After the rainy season:

Assess your trees & garden after stormsEvaluate the tree damage, if any, and take steps to repair minor damage and debris yourself. This could include:

  • Removing any broken branches or stubs still attached to the tree;
  • Removing remains of tree limbs on the ground;
  • Prune smaller branches that have been damaged.



Evaluate what you can handle and what should be left to the professionals. An arborist from Independent Tree Services should handle anything not on the ground.

Assess your trees & garden after stormsTrees that have these problems should be left to a professional:

  • Large limbs that have been broken or hanging or overhead, where chainsaw work is required;
  • If a tree is uprooted or downed;
  • If branches are too close or touching utility lines;
  • Any task you have not been properly trained to handle or are uncomfortable undertaking.