What to do in the aftermath of a Tropical Cyclone?

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What to do in the aftermath of a Tropical Cyclone?

Tropical Cyclone Debbie has finished making its way across Queensland, slamming the Whitsundays and the coastal towns of Bowen and Airlie Beach south of Townsville as a category 4 storm, then becoming a tropical low leading to flooding in the State’s south-east.

There were many reports of trees that were blown across paths and roads in Brisbane and south-east Queensland in the aftermath of the storm, as the strong winds swept through the city and surrounding suburbs. Flooding was also concern, with forecasts of up to 200mm of rain

When the storm did hit, although the wind did get up to frightening speeds, the flood warning was downgraded and we did not see as much damage as first expected. However, there was considerable damage caused from fallen trees and debris, and some power lines were knocked down.

We would like to remind customers that damage caused by a storm on your property can be dangerous to you and your family, and you should always take caution when inspecting your property after a storm.

Cleaning up after a cycloneFallen trees that have impacted your home, independent structures on your property, or power lines must be carefully and professionally removed by an arborist service, such as Independent Tree Services.

This is both to keep you out of harms way and to prevent a fallen trunk or limbs causing further damage. Our team of arborists can give you advice about how to make storm damaged trees safe and remedy any issues that may affect their long-term health and wellbeing.

The most important thing to consider immediately after a large storm event is your personal safety and that of your family. Trees may look extremely solid and secure, but remember that looks can be deceiving.

When inspecting a tree for damage, carefully look for signs of fallen, broken or damaged branches that may not have fallen to the ground. If you have any concerns, please call Independent Tree Services for advice.

If you see any trees leaning onto power lines, or branches touching damaged or downed power lines, stay far away and call your electricity provider to lodge a report immediately.

Remember, storms can be unpredictable and you are better to be prepared. If you have any concerns, call Independent Tree Services today.